Our infant room program is designed for children six weeks old to approximately one year. The teachers in our Infant rooms have an intangible quality of love and care giving for your child. Throughout the day teachers cuddle and talk to your baby. Our low teacher-to-infant ratios ensure your child will be in a nurturing, safe and affectionate environment. We are dedicated to meeting your child’s physical and emotional needs in a way that will give you comfort when your child is in our care.

  • Daily reports that include feeding times and amounts, sleep time and duration, and diapering times.
  • Capability to send these reports electronically in real time basis.
  • Individual cribs that are never shared.
  • Daily laundry for all infant room linens.
  • Low teacher-to-child ratios that insure your child’s safety, happiness and well-being.
  • Infants develop physical coordination and build motor skills with age appropriate lesson plans.
  • Gross motor skills development leading to rolling, crawling and walking.
  • Contact surfaces and toys sanitized throughout
    the day.
  • With parental approval, photos of classroom activities sent weekly.