Welcome to Woodhaven Academy, in Woodstock Georgia!

Every day we have the opportunity to love and teach children. We understand the awesome responsibility that parents like you have entrusted in us.

We recognize the importance of an environment that is loving, caring, and safe. I, along with our Director, Ivonne Rodriguez-Ema, and our Assistant Director, Joy Shaw, have been at our school since it opened in 2005. We believe our teachers are the heart of Woodhaven. Our teaching staff consists of many long term employees that share our same values, and we are able to create a consistent environment that instills happiness in our children and gives parents peace of mind.

As an onsite owner, I am involved with all the daily activities of the school. We strive for perfection in everything we do. The strong relationships that are built among the children, parents, and teachers are what makes our school unique. As we often say, our school becomes an extension of your family.

I am extremely proud of Woodhaven Academy, our management team, and our teachers for the positive influence they have had on the families in our community.

I look forward to getting to know your family.


Johnny Bowers,
Owner Woodhaven Academy

Johnny and Tracy Bowers live in Roswell, Georgia
with their two daughters Natalie and Annie.