Our Senior Toddler program is designed for ages from approximately twenty-four months to thirty-six months. Our teachers focus on social, emotional, cognitive and physical needs of the children. Senior Toddlers are an active group, with our low student to teacher ratios we are able to keep our children happy and safe. The environment of the classroom is designed to facilitate motor skill development as well as social skills through center structured play. Our Senior Toddlers build language skills through story time, music, and games. Fine motor skills are developed through drawing, arts and crafts.

  • Weekly lesson plans are posted and daily schedules are followed.
  • Low child to teacher ratios.
  • Potty training is a priority in this classroom. The classroom is equipped with bathrooms that have appropriate size toilets which expedite potty training.
  • Daily reports for each child to inform parents on nutrition information, diapering, and activities.